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  • Is It safe, could it ever go "backwards" ?"
    It works the in same way a normal toilet cistern does but uses greywater instead of fresh (drinking quality) water, which, after all, does not need to be drinking quality as all you are doing is flushing it straight away. As long as gravity is still working it will definitely not go "backwards" !!!
  • Can I install this myself, what else do I need to think about?"
    Yes you could install this yourself, if you enjoy bathroom fitting! You need to check you have enough space to install it against a load bearing wall , i.e. not a plasterboard stud wall. The unit will need boxing in behind a false wall that is accessible for maintenance. This must be a concrete blockwork or brick wall or other loadbearing wall capable of supporting 100kg. In front of the unit will need a false wall that is fully removable for maintenance, this could be tiles or wood panelling to suit your style of bathroom.You need to work out how to supply, by gravity, the condensate pipe from the air-con system into the top of the tank. The cistern has an overflow pipe at the top which needs to go down to a drain and also a fresh water supply pipe connection for back up (so one flush is always available even if the air-con is off.) Check the overall dimensions of your void space behind the false wall with the "Get One" page. The flush pipe is a standard size, 38mm diameter, suitable to fit a "back-to-the-wall" and "floor mounted" type of WC pan.
  • What about germs?
    You will need to add sterilising tablets every now and again, we recommend once a year, to add 3 baby bottle sterilising tablets into a full tank and leaving this overnight. Generally the air-con unit condensate is very clean water, collected from moisture from the atmosphere, this should not cause any mechanical problems.
  • What about quality, will it go rusty?"
    All materials are selected to be hard wearing and long lasting. All metal parts are "catering standard" stainless steel.
  • What if the air-con is off, does it run out of water?"
    The system has a back up supply of fresh water and will use this to ensure it always holds one flush at all times.
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