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How it works

Water is collected in a large cistern from an air-conditioning indoor unit , the cistern can hold up to 10 flushes of water. The WC cistern is a thin, tall shape suitable for installation behind a false wall, it is no deeper that a typical concealed WC cistern. The tank sits in a void behind a removable wall panel. The water collected is moisture created when the indoor unit is providing cooling. Essentially moisture is removed from the room air as a by-product of the cooling process.

This water is typically drained away from a condensate tray at the base of the air conditioning unit, the drain is fitted by the air conditioning installer and directed to a drain. However this is relatively clean water, produced at a useful rate, that could be re-used.


TUBTANK collects up to 70 litres of water, as the condensate drain is directed into the top of the cistern. This condensate can now be used to flush the WC pan. The user presses a flush lever to operate the flush as normal. In the event that no air-conditioning has been running recently there is a backup supply of fresh water to top up the cistern with the minimum amount to ensure one flush is always available at all times.


Using TUBTANK to flush a WC can save up to 25% of your household water and help to reduce the risk of drought.

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